Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So....It's been awhile since I checked my mailbox...

You can see by this picture that our postal carrier is a VEEEERRRRRYYYYY understanding woman!!!!

If you have sent us something recently but haven't heard a reply from us, rest assured that it's not for a lack of gratitude, but rather a lack of sleep. I take every opportunity I get to take a much-needed nap. My email inbox looks very similar to this stack of "snail mail". If you'll bear with me for just a bit, I promise you'll hear from me soon! Know that we feel so very blessed by all of you. I am so humbled that so many are rejoicing with us over our new family member. You have all been so very generous with your lovely gifts, not just for Baby Bit but Little Bit as well!!! And the meals being brought in...I LOVE IT WHEN SOMEONE ELSE COOKS!!! (The HOFFER just appreciates THAT someone cooks...PERIOD!)

So until I am back to my "normal" self, here are some pictures to keep you occupied. Enjoy, and once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Girls

Chubby cheeks: born 09/09/08; 7 pounds, 14 oz, 20-1/2 inches long at 8:03 am; looks like my dad!

Little Bit and Baby Bit

Everyone home and healthy. More to come...right now I need a nap!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Last Post Before THE BIG DAY

I can't believe it...I'm almost done, and my new daughter will be here tomorrow. It's still all just a bit surreal to me, but I know it will become VERY REAL tomorrow morning. We arrive at the hospital at 5 am, and Baby Bit should be here in the flesh by 7:30 am, assuming all goes as it should. So forgive this very short post...there will be more tomorrow. :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Worthy Reads from Cash Flows and The Coffee Stop

I don't have a whole lot to say today, so be sure to check out The HOFFER's most recent post over at Cash Flows. He always has something worth reading.

Another good read is my buddy Shauna over at The Coffee Stop. She has a funny post today...of course about those boys of hers!!!

We had our final OB appointment before Baby Bit arrives today...pretty much the same...all is well. We go in next Tuesday, bright and early (bright being a relative term!) at 5 am. If you're up at that time, please pray for us. I expect everything to go smoothly and without incident, but there are always those inherent risks involved with surgery that, in my opinion, would be better served with a large dose of prayer and God's grace. So thanks in advance for praying for us. :-)

It's past my bedtime, so I'm heading to bed. More this weekend. :-)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy "Going Into Labor" Day?

OH, HOW I WISH!!! I am SO VERY ready to have this baby! I will give you one last belly shot later this week, as well as a look at some of our sweet baby goodies.

Yesterday we went to the mall and did some shopping. The HOFFER took Little Bit to Build-a-Bear to spend birthday money from Grandma, and I went to the maternity store to get some must-have nursing items. And now that I have THAT out of the way, Baby Bit can come anytime she wants!!! I must admit I am a bit torn: while I am anxious to be done and have Baby Bit here, I also like the stability of knowing exactly when/where/who for my C-section on September 9th. If she decides to come before then (and I don't yet have any indication that she will), everything will have to be taken care of spontaneously and there will be some questions: will my doctor or a fill-in be there; can I get WonderDog into the kennel right now; did I pack everything I need, etc. If I can hang on for EIGHT MORE DAYS for my scheduled C-section, everything is a known factor and falls easily into place. So you understand my dilemma.

While we were at the mall yesterday, we ran into some friends of ours who were shopping for a mutual BMX buddy who is turning 40 this week. They decided, as did most of us, to get him a gag gift, and they chose a book titled "Sex After 40". Opening the book, you find a bunch of blank pages. These friends showed the book to their daughter, who is a freshman in college. She took one look at the title, and a look of abject fear at the prospect of looking inside the book spread quickly across her face! It was priceless! And yes, she took a chance and peeked inside. You could see the relief engulf her. :-)

After the mall, we headed to the Birthday Boy's house for a surprise party. When he opened his "Sex After 40" book, I was able to raise my hand and "debunk that myth!" The HOFFER raised his arms as if in victory. :-) It was a fun time but a long evening, and I was glad to get home. Today is a day to stay home, relax and do some "quiet" things, like write thank-you notes, finish some school items with Little Bit, take a much-needed nap, and of course, write the obligatory blog post. I had a pretty long post rolling around in my head early this morning as I tried to go back to sleep, but much of it has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Alas, Pregnant Brain strikes again! So it's back to bed I go for yet another nap...or perhaps to the kitchen for something to eat! More later this week!