Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Of Babies And Their Stuffs

As I sit at The Hoffer's computer, Baby Bit on one hand while slooooooowly typing with the other, I am truly regretting my decision to wear a black shirt. The pool of spit-up on my left shoulder just doesn't go as well with it as I had anticipated. Neither does the follow-up shot flowing down the middle of my shirt. I prefer dirty diapers to spit-up. They are contained much better and have fewer surprises than a spit-up episode. Seems with spit-up there can never be enough urp rags to be found. A large tarp isn't big enough to protect me from the spit-up tsunami.

Baby Bit is 7 weeks old and doing beautifully. She has big dark blue eyes (at least for now), chubby cheeks, a dusting of red hair, and a gorgeous Gerber-baby smile. She can be embarrassingly loud, is fascinated by ceiling fans and mobiles, gets cold easily, and has a special wail for whatever she needs to communicate (hungry, tired, wet diaper, etc.). She "performs" extremely well for others: smiles, funny faces, great noises. When I nurse her, she often looks up at me like she knows something I don't and the joke's on me. She spits out her pacifier whenever something is about to come out, regardless of which end or what bodily function it may be. Except for the lack of hair, she looks just like Little Bit's baby pictures. And speaking of pictures, I have a TON that I want to post. Unfortunately, we are down to only one computer and it's not mine. I am hopeful our computer issues will be fixed soon. I am DYING to show her off!!! Till then, it's good to be back in cyberspace and feeling mostly normal again. I hope to resume my blog-hopping activities very soon! I'd better go for now. It has taken at least 30 minutes to type this short post! This one-handed stuff is anything but efficient.

Uh oh, the pacifier just came out. I NEED TO TAKE COVER! Ooops...too late. Time to change clothes...AGAIN. ;-)