Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby News

I had my first doctor appointment this past Monday, and it went well. The OB/GYN I've been seeing for the past 15 or so years is only a GYN these days, but he agreed to do the first appointment for me. He and his assistant, by the way, laughed when I told them I was pregnant. I didn't see much humor in the time.

With my history or irregular cycles and infertility, I've never really kept track of when my cycle starts and finishes each month (except when I'm going in for my annual exam and I know they're going to ask that question!). So when Dr. K asked when my last cycle was, I had no clue. Thankfully the HOFFER is good at remembering dates--even for THAT--but he could only guess the first half of the month. Well, he remembered better than I did. All that to say Dr. K estimated I'm about 6-1/2 to 7 weeks along. My due date is September 18th. And given my age, he said, that date needed to be a firm date, meaning I wouldn't be allowed to go a moment past that day. WOO HOO!!! There ARE advantages to being older!!!!

We saw the heartbeat (which put me in complete and utter awe), and Little Bug measured about 6 mm from head to butt. Dr. K did say there are additional risks to my pregnancy--higher instances of multiples, miscarriage and Downs Syndrome in women who are pregnant in their 40s. This particular issue has been the only concern I have had, and it has been a bit of a worry for me. I know this is a God-thing, and I know that whatever happens, however this baby turns out, this is such a gift from Him. It's completely out of our hands and totally in His alone. That should bring total comfort and keep me from worrying, right? WRONG. I didn't realize how much it was bothering me until the night before our doctor appointment. Right before bed I lost it. I had been assuring The HOFFER that this was real and that everything was going to be all right, but this time it was his turn to be a comfort to me. So the HOFFER and I prayed about it, and I felt a peace come over me...almost like someone (Someone!) was pouring it out of a pitcher over my head. It was amazing.

Yaaaaawwwwnnn....ooops, sorry. Guess it's time for a nap! I'm working on posting the sonogram picture and will do so as soon as I can.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Other Shoe Has Just Dropped, Part Duuuuhhhh....

Several of you have asked for more details. I don't have a lot to offer, but I'll give you what I have.

First, you might remember my "Walking Wounded" post where I mentioned how Little Bit and The HOFFER both fell down the stairs and hurt a foot, and how I was just waiting for my turn. Well, I think this is my turn, hence the title of this post.

So you want details? Not many details to be told...we JUST found out Wednesday morning. And YES, I KNOW WHAT CAUSES THIS. We weren't trying at all, didn't even think it COULD happen, to be quite honest with you. Considering my history with infertility--it took us 5-1/2 years to get Little Bit--I assumed it was a non-issue. But my cycle never showed up, so The HOFFER jokingly suggested we might be pregnant. I did a pregnancy test early Wednesday morning, which gave me a positive result. I thought that SURELY I had done something wrong and CLEARLY it was a false positive. So a few hours later I did another test...and got another positive. My doctor said they are extremely accurate these days. So after slowly coming out of a complete state of shock and disbelief, I made a doctor appointment. I go on the 28th for a sonogram to check heartbeat and get a crash reminder course on what comes next. The HOFFER has been a bit numb for a couple of days, but seems to have taken it well otherwise. Little Bit wasn't happy at first--her exact words when we told her were "I'm doomed". But she has had time to ponder and think about it, and now she is excited about it too. If our calculations are correct, Little Bug (his official-for-now name...thanks, Annski!) should be making his first appearance some time in September or October. My biggest concern is that, by the time Little Bug arrives, I'll be just short of 45. (Ouch...did I just admit that???) I am just having to trust that God knows what He's doing by giving Little Bug to us. So we'll see what He has in store for us.

That's about all the news I have! I'll keep you posted as things progress. Sorry to keep you in suspense!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cute Shirt for Little Bit, or The Other Shoe Has Dropped

Okay, perhaps I'm obsessing just a bit. It is, after all, just a T-shirt. But you have GOT to check this out on her! Doesn't she look awesome?

And just in case you can't quite see what is says, here's a close up:

Details to follow...!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Walking Wounded and Other Miscellany

Please forgive the length of this post. I really do try to keep my posts relatively short (CLEARLY I have failed in that endeavor!!!), but I've had a lot on my mind and a lot going on! So here we go!

My home, of late, has been THE place to be for the physically afflicted. First of all, both The HOFFER and Little Bit have really bad allergies anyway, but this allergy season has been horrific for them. I have never seen them suffer like this. One of Little Bit's teachers recommended a pediatric allergy doctor to us, and we had our first visit today. He agreed that Little Bit needed to be tested to see exactly what she's allergic to, but tests can't be run until all Claritin and Benedryl are completely out of her system. It only takes one week to get completely off Benedryl, but 3 WEEKS to get completely off Claritin. Poor girl. She's going to be fairly miserable for a while. That means her parents are going to be fairly miserable as well! He did give us a few other medications to help her get through till her testing.

As if that weren't enough, Little Bit tripped coming down our staircase yesterday and hurt her foot. Oh my goodness, you should have heard those screams! Miraculously, nothing is broken or even torn. Not even really sure what's hurt or what happened to it. We gave her some Motrin and kept her foot elevated all day Sunday, and there wasn't much, if any, swelling. Today she was able to get her shoe on for school, although it was quite painful. By the end of the day, she was walking on it pretty well. Still hurts, but she's doing really well in spite of it all.

Okay, want to hear something spooky? The HOFFER was walking down the stairs about a week ago, took one step too many, slipped and landed wrong on HIS FOOT! Is that bizarre or what? The really scary thing about it was that shortly after I got to him, he very quickly turned white as a sheet, started sweating profusely, then promptly passed out. I was worried he was having a heart attack and couldn't breath. He had slumped over forward, then he fell back against the wall with his chin touching his chest. I had never seen anything like it and was TERRIFIED. He was out for about a minute (although it seemed like an eternity!), then he came to and slowly regained his color, stopped sweating and was okay. He didn't remember passing out and was understandably nervous about going to sleep for the night, so I stayed up to read for a while and kept an eye on him. He slept for about 45 minutes when he woke up again. I told him I thought he was okay for the night since his color was back and his breathing was good and steady. So he slept, albeit a bit fitfully, for the rest of the night (only about 3-4 hours). Needless to say, what little sleep I got was also full of fit. After getting up and getting Little Bit off to school the next morning, I came back and joined The HOFFER in getting a bit more sleep. We slept till noon, but we needed it. Here are the God-parts: as with Little Bit's foot, nothing was broken or just hurt like the dickens. Lots of Advil, Vitamin C (my mother's cure-all) and rest helped it heal pretty quickly. He was putting weight on it in just a couple of days. AND--The HOFFER already had a doctor appointment scheduled a couple of days later! He was able to talk to his doctor about what happened, and he reassured us that everything looked just fine. The passing out was even a normal occurrence.

With all that has happened to The HOFFER and Little Bit...I'm just waiting to see what's going to happen to me!!!


As I mentioned in my last post, Little Bit and I went to see the new Veggie Tales movie on Friday after school. I had invited several friends from school and church, and we had a great turnout! Even better, the movie was HILARIOUS! Even if you don't have any little kids to take with you, GO SEE IT! You won't be sorry! The only thing I didn't like was audience-related. Apparently, a man sitting in the row in front of us didn't think the people at Big Idea had done a good enough job, because he kept adding his own sound effects! At least his kids enjoyed it...!


Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep? We had to do just that on New Year's Eve. We were adopted by a mama cat and her three kittens when we first moved to Austin. That was in 1992. Mama Cat passed away about four years ago. Birdie disappeared right after Thanksgiving and we haven't seen her since. We wouldn't see Mulligan for days, then he would reappear just fine. Well, this last time he reappeared he wasn't so fine, so Little Bit and I took him to the emergency animal clinic right away. Given that he was around 15 years old and any kidney treatments weren't guaranteed to set him right (renal failure is very common in elderly cats), I made the decision to let him go. It was really difficult for Little Bit to understand, and she took it very hard. They gave us a few minutes to say goodbye to our sweet kitty. They also gave us his paw print in clay for us to have as a keepsake. It was a lousy day.

At least we still have one kitty left.


I believe I have previously discussed the fact that my favorite sports are, in order, baseball and football. Notice there is no mention of basketball? Would you care to guess what sport Little Bit is drawn to? Of COURSE it's not baseball or's BASKETBALL. No offense to you basketball fans out just never "clicked" with me. Austin has a minor-league basketball team, and we had been talking about taking her to a game when one of The HOFFER'S business associates gave him four tickets--and very nice ones, at that!--to Saturday's San Antonio Spurs game! Is that cool or what? We picked the worst possible night to go. San Antonio has a HUGE military presence, and Saturday night was Military Appreciation Night at the Spurs' game. Don't get me wrong...our military is ridiculously under-appreciated. I think our military deserves far more thank you's than they get. We civilians have no clue about what these soldiers AND THEIR FAMILIES have to put up with. It humbles me and I get really emotional when I hear about the sacrifices made by these people, the incredible feats of heroism, and the fact that these men and women see it as just doing their job. There were at least a couple of guys from a nearby burn unit at that game...others with missing limbs or other wounds. They honored as many soldiers as they could. There was a Purple Heart ceremony at halftime. Standing ovations throughout the game to say thank you. It just wasn't enough.

I spent nearly the entire game crying my eyes out.


And last but not least (hey, what's all that cheering about???), I finished two books from my "Big Christmas Box O' Books". One was really good and one was GREAT! But I will save that for my next post. Until then, here's hoping I continue making it down the stairs safely!!! Thanks for making it through to the end with me!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Quite Possibly The Best Pirate Movie Ever

For those of us who are devoted Veggie Tales fans, January 11th is a momentous occasion. It is the day of (drumroll, please) Big Idea's second theatrical release, "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"!!! TA DA!!! (insert thunderous applause)

Their first venture onto the big screen was "Jonah--A Veggie Tales Movie", and it was FABULOUS! (I still cry nearly every time I hear "God Is A God of Second Chances".) "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" promises to be another winner. Yes, I know, they don't look so fierce. Perhaps it's because these pirates are here to show us what true heroes are like. WHAT??? You're one of those fuddy-duddies...uh, I mean people who just doesn't care for cartoons or kids' movies??? Do you have a pulse? Please, for your own sake as well as that of all mankind, I beg you to reconsider. Remember the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons? That should give you an idea of what it's like to watch a Veggie Tales show: a lot of fun for the kids while sneaking in some clean adult humor to make it enjoyable for the adults.

Still need convincing? It's a show about "a bored gourd, a sour grape, and a cucumber who wants to be cool", according to the trailer. You'll get to see the new music video "Rock Monster" (sung to the tune of the B-52's "Rock Lobster"). Does the name Steve Taylor ring any bells? He contributed a song called "Yo Ho Hero" and performs it with yet another favorite of mine, the Newsboys. And if THAT'S not enough, it will be worth seeing just to see cheese curls turn evil! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Still not convinced? Then YOU need to see it more than anyone. your ticket early and camp out by the front door of the theater. It's okay...your therapist agrees with me.

When "The Bee Movie" came out, I put together a very casual Friday afternoon at the movies with several classmates and friends. It was great fun and we had a great turnout, so I'm doing it again for this one too. After school gets out on Friday, we are heading to the theater!

So if you're looking for something to do this Friday, check out "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". It's my favorite way to get my daily dose of vegetables.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! I feel out of touch! And no last post was two weeks before Christmas! It was a pretty busy holiday, but we have had some good down time and great holiday fun. However, I could've used another day or two added to our break. As consolation, we have a four-day weekend coming up over the MLK holiday, so my wait will be rewarded.

I am the only one in my family that doesn't really care if I get gifts on THE DAY (be it Christmas, anniversary, birthday, or any other gift-giving day that I may have inadvertently left out). Big Bit (a.k.a., The Hoffer) and Little Bit are ADAMANT about having their gifts on THE BIG DAY, regardless of what that BIG DAY might be, but I don't care. I know that if I am required to wait for my gift for whatever reason, my reward will be great. And let me show you just how great my reward was:

Do you know what all this is? It's my Christmas present, which came last Thursday. Big Bit did some last-minute shopping for me and bought NEARLY EVERYTHING on my wishlist!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Does he rock or what???? CLEARLY I have been a VEEEEERY good girl!!!

Little Bit woke us up bright and early on Christmas morning, squealing that Santa had AT LONG LAST made an appearance at our house and would we PLEEEEEEEEASE GET UP SO WE CAN OPEN PRESENTS!!!! In a stroke of genius so we could stay in bed for a few more minutes, we told her to go check to see if the cookies and carrots (for Santa and reindeer) had been eaten. She was then told to grab the stockings and bring them into our room so we could dump them out there. My stocking had (among other things) two large pieces of paper sticking out of the top, which was the receipt of what had been ordered, along with a note from Big Bit telling me what he had done. As an avid reader, I could not have been given a better gift!!! There were also a couple of CDs and DVDs that I had been wanting, as well as three books on tape for my mom that I had already picked out. The coolest part: three of the books he bought for me were pre-orders that will be coming to me in January and May! THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!!! Want to see what I got? Check it out:

Christy, The Complete Series DVD
Amazing Grace--DVD
Second Chances--DVD
Who We Are Instead--Jars of Clay (CD)
Redemption Songs--Jars of Clay (CD)
A Passion Most Pure, by Julie Lessman (arriving in January!)
Ten Thousand Charms (Book #1), by Allison K. Pittman
Speak Through the Wind (Book #2), by Allison K. Pittman
From A Distance, by Tamera Alexander (coming in May!)
Defiant Heart, by Tracey Bateman
Freefall, by Kristin Heitzmann
Autumn Blue, by Karen Harter
Remember to Forget, by Deborah Raney

(Do I sense that some of you are making notes of which ones you plan to borrow?)

Deep In The Heart of Trouble, by Deeanne Gist (coming in May!)
Lanterns and Lace, by Diann Mills
Her Cinderella Heart, by Ruth Scofield
This Heavy Silence, by Nicole Massarella
Before I Wake, by Dee Henderson
The Truth Seeker (book #3 in O'Malley Series), by Dee Henderson
The Healer (book #5 in O'Malley Series), by Dee Henderson
The Rescuer (book #6 in O'Malley Series), by Dee Henderson
Flies on the Butter, by Denise Hildreth

Not sure exactly why he bought books #3, #5 and #6 but not #4 from Dee Henderson's O'Malley series, but believe me, I am NOT complaining!!! I decided to start with "Ten Thousand Charms", by Allison Pittman. I'm enjoying it so's holding my attention, but it's not so riveting that I'm neglecting my responsibilities (the true definition of a great book!). I read the short bio about the author and discovered she lives about an hour south of me in an area of town we frequent! How cool is that!

New Year's was pretty quiet. We saw the ball drop, and we watched Robbie Maddison fly 322 feet and 7 inches on his motorcycle...TWICE! It was INCREDIBLE! Even though he didn't go as far as he had hoped, he still broke the previous record. He jumped higher than a six-story building and longer than a football field! It was amazing. Here's the video, for those of you who missed it:

Surprisingly, that's all I have for now. Glad to be back in cyberspace!!!