Friday, October 16, 2009

My Fair...Fair!

I have long wanted to change the look of my blog. The Daily B changes her look regularly, and I love it. But me, well, I'm too stingy to pay for custom templates, and I haven't found anything free that was easy enough for me to figure out. My brain is rather baby-fied these days, and time to figure out code just isn't in my day. I can't remember how I found out about The Cutest Blog on the Block, but I'm so glad I did! There are some great FREE templates (did I mention they were FREE???), and they come with easy-peasy how-to instructions. So I picked out a fall-ish background. It's not without kinks...I'm trying to figure out how to fix a slight overlap at the top of the posting section. Heck, I might just leave it for now. I just hope I pay close enough attention that I remember to change it at the appropriate time! :-)


We Texans love our fried foods. We will, in fact, eat practically anything that has been battered and dropped into a vat of hot oil. And nowhere is this more evident than at the The State Fair of Texas. It is quite possibly the best place on earth to find such tidbits of deliciousness. As everything is bigger in Texas, it makes sense that we have the largest state fair in the United States, and let me tell you, it is a blast! While the fairgrounds are a permanent fixture in Dallas and are open year-round, the Official State Fair opens each year at the end of September and goes till the third weekend in October. There are lots of things to do and see. The Red River Rivalry is renewed each year as the University of Texas Longhorns battle the University of Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl. The winner gets bragging rights for the next year.

There are two car shows--one for domestic, one for imports--that give fair-goers (is that a word? Probably only in Texas) a preview of the new models for the coming year. It's one of my favorite exhibits and one I never miss. Sorry...didn't get any pictures of the cars.

The Midway opens up with loads of games, rides, freak shows and fun houses.

Here's a fun house that Little Bit and I went through.

She was not impressed. However, once we made it through, she was, of course, ready to go again. That guy in the bathtub has been around for a looooong, loooooong, loooooooong time. He looked ready to fall apart at any moment.

Big Tex greets everyone at the gate and gives regular announcements of the various Fair 'goings-on". He's pretty huge...I don't think I even make it to the top of his boots!

But one event that everyone anticipates with baited breath is the announcement of each year's fried food. It's a pretty fierce competition with lots of good, and not-so-good, ideas.

One year the winner was fried Oreos (which I cannot fathom trying to improve on perfection).

Another year was peanut butter cups, another year Snickers won the prize...

Still another year, bacon.

That just seems wierd. Again, why try to improve on perfection?

This year's winner?

Deep fried butter.

Yep, you read that right...FRIED BUTTER.

The thing that is so funny to me is that the Hoffer has joked about eating fried butter smothered in white gravy for years!!! AND HERE IT IS ON THE MENU!!! Well, without the gravy, anyway. And from what I heard, it was really quite good! A columnist for one of the Dallas newspapers wrote an article on what fried foods were worth trying. She said the garlic-flavored fried butter was the lightest, fluffiest, most incredible thing she'd ever eaten. And yes, I did say garlic-flavored. There were several flavors, although I'm not sure what they all were. You see, as badly as we wanted to try some of these delectable delights, the lines to purchase said delights were HUGE! We would've spent the rest of our day just waiting to eat something designed specifically to clog arteries. Alas, we must wait another year to try the fried butter. But that means there will be yet another new fried food to try! Woo hoo! Can't wait!!!


The Daily Bee said...

Your new look is so seasonal and cute!

I read about the Texas State Fair on another blog and wished I lived closer! :) I read the Fried Butter article when you posted it on FB... very interesting. haha.

Becky said...

Love the new look!

How, exactly DOES one fry butter? Seems like it would melt in the process? But then, if they can do it to ice cream, I suppose they can do it to butter, lol.

Jenster said...

I LOVE the new look. Very fall and VERY cute!!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on fried butter next year. I've heard of it but I don't know anyone in real life (or in real cyber life) who has tried it.

Oooo! Maybe next year it will be the fried fluffernutter!!