Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Bit of Mud Slinging

I love summer break. You really have no idea how much. And since Yummy has joined us, time off is much harder to come by. So when school let out recently, there was a collective sigh of relief, I think, from everyone. No more getting up early to get Little Bit out the front door, no more arguing about what she's wearing, whether or not she has or even needs to brush her hair or teeth, no more worrying about being late, just getting up when we decide and doing whatever we decide. AAAHHHHH!

One of the things we like to do during the summer is to go out on our front driveway and just hang out as a family. The obligatory glass of "Summer Drink" (The Hoffer's tasty concoction of Diet 7Up and cran-grape juice) is almost always present. Sometimes we just sit around and talk, other times we play games. Little Bit tries to decipher the stars in the sky and see if she can find various constellations. The Hoffer, ever the creative one, came up with the UFO Game. Whenever something--plane, helicopter, etc.--flies overhead, someone says, "Hey, I can't tell what that is. It must be a UFO! There must be three aliens on board!" (because there are three of us...each of us gets an alien). Then we take turns naming our aliens and talking about what planet they are from, what their favorite foods are, what they are most skilled at doing, whatever we can think of. It's a silly way to pass the time and make a family memory. I am pretty certain, however, that these memories may lead to therapy later. That's okay, we'll all go together. :-)

Last night The Hoffer decided it was time to get out the garden hose and do some watering. First he cleaned off the door mat that was covered with, um, bird poop. Birds come every spring to build a nest right above our front door. It's a great nature lesson but always leaves us with a disgusting front porch and porch light. While the door mat is an easy fix, it is never-ending...once it's cleaned, it's messy again in a short amount of time. The porch light was not quite so easily fixed. The Hoffer sprayed it down and in doing so, shot out the light bulbs. Oops. (It was really funny at the time.) After that, he brought out a couple of bags of soil, spread it out some, then watered it down. When Little Bit made it outside, they decided to do a little mud slinging while Yummy and I watched. Here's the end result:

Thank goodness my washing machine is RIGHT inside the garage door!!! Any mud that made it inside stayed in the laundry room. Whew!!!

Yummy was unimpressed. Very cute, but unimpressed.

Even with all this silliness, I'm glad for our summer break. Maybe especially with all this silliness. We're ready!


Becky said...

Oh, yeaaaah! School's out for summer!

Love summer nights! And how cool is that to get to have a mudfight with daddy?

As for little Yummy...precious! She's got GORGEOUS eyes. (Said with Pollyanna emphasis on Gorgeous). ;)

The Daily Bee said...

Summer is almost here!

I loved this post. Gave me that warm fuzzy Summer feeling. Sounds like you have great family nights. When we go got Death Valley here in CA, the night is so black that it looks like you can touch the stars. We drive out to the middle of nowhere and turn off all the lights and just stand in the darkness.

Yummy gets cuter and cuter!

Katybug said...

Hi Becky! Yes, Daddy is basically still 10 years old when it comes to kids...he's right there with them. Just a big kid. :-)

Oh Deb, a Death Valley (that's an awful name!) trip sounds like a wonderful opportunity to stargaze!!! I'll bet you can see them all!

And thanks for the sweet words about Yummy, girls! I confess, I do hear that same refrain A LOT, but it never gets old!

The Daily Bee said...

I tagged you! Come by my blog. :)

Shauna said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I'm still waiting for my kids to be done school. They don't finish until the end of June. The 26th, I believe. I'm ready to start summer holidays NOW! No more early mornings (kind of), no more lunches to be made, backpacks to check, clothes to be set out the night before....and on and on. *Sigh* Nine more school days. I have simplified my life for the summer and am anxious to start having some summer fun with the boys. I have beach days and water balloon fights all planned and ready. Just waiting for school to end.

Also, I'm going to add to all the comments about Yummy. Gorgeous eyes and oh-so-cute! Very aptly named Yummy. I just wanna gobble those cheeks up! I'm also seeing a resemblance to her older, beautiful sister. Dad's gonna have his work cut out for him in the years to come with Little Bit and Yummy. ;-)

The Daily Bee said...

And yet again... ;) you've got an award to claim on my blog.